Catarina Ytterlid

designer & developer

Interview with Loopia reseller, published March 10 2015

A web and advertising agency with comprehensive thinking and versatility.

This is the second part in our ongoing series of interviews with our resellers where we hope to provide you with insight into how the professionals think and work. Hopefully, you'll get some inspiration when it's time for you to venture into the web jungle with websites and e-commerce. This time, it's time for Catarina Ytterlid at ytterlids webb & reklam.

Tell us a little about your business Catarina!

I am a freelancing graphic designer and web developer. I don't have any employees which gives me more flexibility and freedom to act according to clients' needs. Instead, I have a tight network with other professionals in the industry that I can tap into where needed. I design and build websites and produce all types of printed and digital materials for marketing. You could say that I am involved in the whole process to increase the visibility of the clients and the general awareness of their profile and brand.

How long have you been in the industry?

I originally come from the graphic industry where I worked as a designer and project manager since the mid-80s. This year is actually twenty (!) years since I surfed the net for the first time and shortly thereafter began further training in web design and digital media production. So I guess I can say that I've been in the industry for quite some time ;). After many years as an employee, I started my own business in 2009, which has been an exciting journey in every way.

What would you say is your greatest strength and advantage to your clients?

My greatest strength is holistic thinking and broad competence. With one foot in the world of design and the other in the world of technology – which has proven to be a very useful combination – I can help the customer all the way. Web design is so much more than choosing a technical platform. It is equally important to be there as a sparring partner and offer help with everything from formulating a message and packaging it in both a practical and aesthetic form to discussing how you want to work with digital publishing. I'm sometimes told that I'm like a whole advertising agency and that's how I want to work.

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to a client who is about to get a website?

The most important thing is to be clear from the start that the better preparatory work you do, the greater the chance that the end result will be good. A clear and well-thought-out graphic profile that is repeated in all material (printed materials, website, advertisements, etc.) reinforces the company's identity and is not something you should skimp on. A competent partner is therefore essential for a successful and hopefully long-lasting collaboration.

Why did you choose Loopia?

I myself have been a customer of Loopia since 2007 and have now been a reseller for seven years. I have tried other hosting companies but Loopia is hands down the best. Superb support, high quality of the services and a really user-friendly Customer and Reseller Zone save time and make it easy for both me and my clients.

And so the last question, what do you think about the future, what will be the big thing in the next few years?

We're becoming more and more mobile and used to being able to do everything regardless of where we are. I believe that all our information will be stored "in the cloud" and automatically synced to all devices. It will not matter if we use a smartphone, tablet, computer or a Smart TV when we surf, shop or do other errands. There will therefore be even higher demands for web pages to be truly responsive. Adapting your website or online store becomes a matter of course in order to "keep up".

We wish ytterlids webb & reklam continued good luck and hope that you as a reader have received some inspiration and something to think about for your own web projects.

Link to the interview (swedish)

"Catarina has helped us since back in 2008, when she built our first website in Joomla. Her skills cover everything we need help with in digital production"
Jesper Valstensgård, Nordic LED AB
Jesper Valstensgård
CMO, Nordic LED AB
"I highly recommend Catarina as a consultant to our web hosting customers. She has been a reseller for Loopia since 2009."
Michael Wedin, ÅF-chef, Loopia webbhotell
Channel Account Manager, Loopia Webbhotell



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