Support & Maintenance

Boost Your WordPress Site with Professional Support & Maintenance.

Did you get stuck? You can hire me for support, updating the website, webshop and social media. With support card and management agreement, you can devote yourself to your own business. I work remotely or on site at the client.

Support Card - simple and affordable

Do you need help with WordPress or WooCommerce? With a Support Card you get a lower cost. The more "clips", the better price per started half hour. You can use the Support Card to get help with user questions or with security updates. Even minor tasks like installing and configuring plugins as well as minor design tweaks can be done with the Support Card.

support 10

  • 10 clips = 5 hours of support
  • 10 clips = 3.800 kr
  • 5% discount on regular hourly rate
10 clips

support 20

  • 20 clips = 10 hours support
  • 20 clips = 7.200 kr
  • 10% discount on regular hourly rate
20 clips

support 30

  • 30 clips = 15 hours of support
  • 30 clips = 10.200 kr
  • 15% discount on regular hourly rate
30 clips

This is how it works

Send an email to and describe what you need help with. I will give you an estimate of how many clips the current mission will consume. After completed work, you will receive a feedback via email with the status of how many clips remain.

  • A clip corresponds to a started 30-minute period.
  • The Support Card is invoiced in advance.
  • The Support Card is valid for 12 months from the invoice date.
(All prices excl. 25% VAT)


To keep in mind!

Most web hosts offer the option of getting a blog or website with "just one click" but rarely offer support on so-called third-party products such as WordPress...

Let's keep in touch!

Fill in your name and phone number and I call you!

Maintenance Agreement - for your safety

The large number of WordPress pages can attract hackers, who are looking for poorly protected pages. Intrusions usually occur through weak passwords and security holes in various plugins.

Continuous updating of both WordPress, plugins and themes is very important. In addition to security holes and the website being slow, you run the risk of it crashing completely in the worst case.

A hacked website is no fun and if you don't have a copy, free of malicious code and which can be restored, you unfortunately have to start all over again.

In order for the website to continue to function optimally, good routines for maintenance and backup are therefore recommended.

If you don't have the time or knowledge, it's fine to leave this to me via a service agreement.

With a maintenance agreement you can feel safe, your WordPress site will continue to do well. The agreement includes 24/7 monitoring with maintenance in the form of updates, backups, security and performance checks, you also receive regular reports on what has been fixed.


The website's database and files are copied daily and the backup is stored on external servers. Possibility to restore previous backups.


New versions of plugins, themes and the WordPress framework are released all the time. There is a lot that has to fit together. Without updates, the website may stop working.


Malicious code can be on your website without you noticing. To reduce the risk of the page being hacked, a security scan is carried out for malware and security holes.


A slow website is no fun for you or your visitors. Your website's performance is regularly tested to check if anything is wrong.


A client report in pdf can be automatically emailed to you every month if desired. The report summarizes everything done on your website.


If you have both Maintenance Agreement and Support Card, online support is just a click away. Log in to the backend and you will find the support form.

Terms of service maintenance agreement

When signing a maintenance agreement, you agree not to do any custom installations of themes or plugins in order not to risk damaging your website. If the site does get compromised anyway, a restore of the latest backup is included. If the problem is not resolved, you will receive a 25% discount on my hourly rate for additional work. If I need to pass the case on to an external security expert, additional costs may apply. If there is a risk of costs in addition to the agreement, you will be asked beforehand if you want to proceed.

Upon termination, installed software is removed from your website and responsibility for the website reverts to you.

Maintenance Agreement

599,- price/month, excluding VAT
  • The maintenance agreement runs for 12 months, is invoiced in advance and can be terminated at any time.
12 months

Maintenance Agreement

799,- price/month, excluding VAT
  • The maintenance agreement runs for 6 months, is invoiced in advance and can be terminated at any time.
6 months